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    Touching people's lives
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    that changes how people see the world
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    that reveals a composer's heart

Passionate about MUSIC that engages people

Whatever your interest in my music, I want this website to work for you.

JUST LISTEN for a purely audio-visual experience, free of charge.

JUST SHOP for a no-frills sheet music browse-and-buy facility.

DISCOVER for an immersive listen-learn-and-buy experience.

CLASSICS for my performances of well-known works by other folk.

JUST SCROLL down for a sample portfolio.

Thanks to Caroline Allard for some truly lovely photographs, also to artists Lorraine Cox and Maria van Tintelen.

Just Listen

Nothing but audio tracks and HD videos.

Just Shop

Nothing but sheet music with previews and short descriptions.
No audio or video.


Take a journey through my music, with audio tracks, videos, detailed commentaries and sheet music.

Music That Moves People

At heart I'm a Celt. That says it all. Whether it's a simple song or a full-scale concerto, music is the language of my soul. I'm not afraid to write music that is beautiful, appealing directly to people's emotions.

Sample Portfolio

Three videos that showcase some of my more recent work. This is only a snapshot, though, go to Just Listen for the full works! My thanks to Anastasia Lin for inspiring the piano concerto and to the photographers who reported on the 2015 Nepal earthquakes that inspired 'A Himalaya Concerto'.