For all CHRISTMAS ...

John's Account is the opening of John's gospel as you've (probably) never heard it before.

A TRUE MASTERPIECE .. one of the guitarists who premiered it in 1986

RATHER GOOD .. the pastor of the church for which I wrote it

SUPERB .. a representative of Christian Solidarity Worldwide

VOCAL and FULL scores and BACKING TRACK available from this website.

Here sung by

KAY HIGGS (soprano)
RUTH CULLEN (mezzo-soprano)
PHIL CAISLEY (baritone)

Vocals recorded in Wycliffe Baptist Church, Reading, UK, on 16 November 1986

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My music has been performed not only in Europe but also in such diverse places as California, Utah, Ohio, Chile, South Africa, Indonesia and Australia. Whether it's a simple song or a full-scale orchestral concert work, I'm not afraid to write music that is beautiful and I have no time for stuff that most people might struggle to think of as 'music'! At the same time, though, I'm not interested in following trends. I write what I want to write, without compromise.

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