Calling all CHOIRS!

Looking for a fun challenge?

Unprotected Choral Variations On Ilkley Moor is it!

GENIUS! according to the choir for whom I wrote it.

A PROPER COMPETITION PIECE that will impress your audience.

GREAT FUN to sing.


On Ilkley Moor Baht 'At as never before heard!

Also, the original
version ofCommunion In Light!
Watch this space!

Passionate about MUSIC that engages people

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Thanks to Caroline Allard for some truly lovely photographs of Cornwall.


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Music That Moves People

in many countries

At heart I'm a Celt, which says it all, but I'm also multi-lingual and widely travelled. Whether it's a simple song (usually but not always in English) or a full-scale concerto, music is the language of my soul. I'm not afraid to write music that is beautiful, appealing directly to people's emotions.

Sample Portfolio

Four videos that showcase some of my more recent work. This is only a snapshot. Go to Listen for the full works!