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Who I Am

I'm a composer with interests in world music and international human rights. Until my retirement I worked as an international development consultant, gaining experience of forty-four countries. I've been married since 1978, with a son and his family living in New South Wales (Australia) and a daughter and her family living in Suffolk (England). I started composing when I was at school - in fact one of my works dating from that time is available from this website. I've been a Christian since university days. I speak various languages besides English and keep in touch with friends all over the globe.

What I think about myself and my music is irrelevant. It's what other people say that counts.

Vlorë, Albania (2022)


The most obvious influences in my music are Celtic and Asian. People have remarked on hints of Prokofiev, Stravinsky and Mussorgsky, though I'm not sure that I see it.

I want my music to lift people's souls, make them smile, comfort them or when necessary focus their attention on an issue of importance to me. My very best music has been written in response to situations of great personal tragedy, such as the premature death of a young lady, the devastation caused by the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal or human rights abuses in Burma.

My main instruments are the piano and the recorders. I used to play the oboe also, which is why my music often features quite exquisite oboe parts. Though not completely self-taught my technique is distinctly unorthodox (e.g. glissandi on a recorder or playing two recorders at once).

I'm based in southwest England but still enjoy travelling despite having retired. I'm far from being a typical tourist, though. I love being in different places for long periods of time, just absorbing culture and meeting people. I cook well enough for my wife to entrust me with cooking for guests from time to time, particularly Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Moroccan, Italian and Spanish cuisines.

My Skills

Composing and arranging
Conducting and playing
Project management

What Other People Say