Free resources for anyone interested in my music

Why free?

My main aim is to sell sheet music - and if giving away audio and video material free of charge encourages folk to buy my sheet music, then that's okay by me! Besides, it's so easy these days to grab such material from the internet that frankly there's little if any point in trying to charge for it. It's all in a fairly random order, so please feel free to browse around and download whatever appeals to you.


For the soprano or tenor soloist who'd like to sing Idylls or any of its songs individually I've compiled a set of karaoke backing tracks. They're all in uncompressed 32-bit wav format.

These individual song tracks will be useful for practice purposes, where you don't want to be bothered searching through the whole work for the song you want.

This track has all five songs.
They are in the correct sequence and with appropriate breaks between each of them. In theory at least you could use this as the basis for a complete performance if you don't have a pianist available.

O Love

A pianist is all a choir needs for the basic choral arrangements of O Love.

The orchestra for the Festival Edition and the chamber orchestras for the three solo vocal arrangements are available here in uncompressed 32-bit wav format.

A Himalaya Concerto

Although I composed A Himalaya Concerto with the intention that it would be performed by a full orchestra, the clarinettist for whom I wrote it is keen to use computer technology to introduce the music to new audiences. So the files provided here include audio tracks of a quality suitable for performance as well as for practice purposes.

CONDUCTED BACKING TRACKS Even for a professional clarinettist the concerto is difficult to play without a conductor, the opening of the first movement being particularly tricky in terms of timing. So rather than provide backing tracks in the form of audio files, I've compiled a set of videos in which I conduct the music for you to follow while the audio track of each video provides you with a karaoke backing track. You can download these here in the form of a multi-volume rar archive. The videos themselves are 1080p 30fps mp4 format and I have included a little Read Me file to help you use the files.

I don't do click tracks. I find them an absolute distraction.