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  • “I had tears in my eyes. Never did I think I would hear such music in Trowbridge. Just … wow.” (Grace Padfield, Trowbridge)
  • “It was a cracking concert. For me the highlight was ‘A Himalaya Concerto’. I was captivated by the tone of instrument and player the moment Idris started tuning! I immediately knew we were in for a treat. Full marks to Stuart for even knowing that a clarinet was capable of some of those sounds, and full marks to Idris for such controlled, beautiful and seemingly effortless playing.” (Paul Edwards, Trowbridge)
  • “That concerto … it just is Nepal. I’ve never been there or heard Nepalese music, but the concerto transported me there instantly.” (Kate Wall, Timsbury)
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A Himalaya Concerto | Programme for clarinet, piano and cello
  • Date: Wednesday 23rd February 2019
  • Time: 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm AEST
  • Venue: Mueller College, 75 Morris Road, Rothwell, Queensland, Australia


  • Idris Harries - clarinet
  • Renat Yusupov - cello
  • Hila Yusupov - piano

An evening of classical music with accomplished professional musicians performing inspiring music, and featuring the Australian premiere performance of 'A Himalaya Concerto', a concerto for clarinet, composed by English composer Stuart Brown in response to the disastrous earthquake that devastated parts of Nepal on 25 April 2015. Renowned Queensland-based clarinetist Idris Harries will perform 'A Himalaya Concerto'. It will be only the second performance of the Concerto, following its World Premiere in Trowbridge, England by Idris Harries in January 2019. Renat and Hila Yusupov are renowned performers who also based in Queensland. They are a cellist and pianist respectvely, and their works include music from their native Uzbekistan. Both Renat and Hila are teaching music and working towards their PhD degrees in music performance at University of Queensland.

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