Jubilate Deo

What is it?

Jubilate Deo is a fairly straightforward anthem for choir (including one solo for alto or counter-tenor) and organ, based upon the words of Psalm 100. (In this case the words are taken from the King James Authorised Version.) The alto solo requires a good ear for relative pitch but apart from that the anthem should be well within the capability of any capable church choir and organist.


Unfortunately I no longer have the equipment to play the one live recording of this that I had (dating from 1974 and on 1/4" reel-to-reel tape, which has long since been binned), but this synthesised rendition should be sufficient to give you a feel for the piece.


I wrote this when I was seventeen, for my school choir. It took my music teacher a while to get round to looking at it. In the meantime I'd given a copy of the music also to my headmaster, the late Derek Burrell, himself a fine musician. I suspect that it was his influence that led to the piece being included in the 1974 school concert. Subsequently we sand it also on the Isles of Scilly. It was well received on both occasions.

It languished for many years in the drawer until finally in 2022 I decided to revise and publish it. It won't win any prizes but it is an attractive little anthem for any church looking for something different that won't require too much work.

St Mary's, Hugh Town

Saint Mary's Church, Hugh Town

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